2012 is a year that we should look out for, just like the Mayan’s said but probably didn’t really say. This year will be a marker for the end of the last world and the start of the new future world. By the end of 2012, people will be saying how the 2012 predictions were all wrong; there was no big worldwide disaster that killed all of mankind, the transition to the new future world will be mostly unnoticed. In the more distant future around the year 2020 people will look back and say that that time “2012” was the end of the old modern world and brought on the start of the new post modern world. It may be generally accepted that 2012 was the official start of this new era. In this new future era of man, life will be different, not better but not worse, just different. Politically, nations will no longer be able to continue their control over their people. Most nations will fall apart and be unorganized; people will feel lost and will be searching for answers. This type of world will be vulnerable to idealists and lunatics who will promise comfort, security, and answers. Like cults, people will follow and be left naked when they realize that there are no real answers. Eventually nations will get together and create a global community run by representatives from the different cultures of the world. There will be a second dark ages type of environment that has already started and will continue to get worse until around the year 2036. This dark ages period, won’t be literally dark but more like the wandering Israelites after they left Egypt. The current world is like Egypt and our new world will be like the new nation of the Israelites. Even though we won’t be stable until after 2036 the years from about 2012 until then will be the new era. Will the new era be what brings in the biblical apocalypse? The new world will be run by a one world government. The global government will eventually need a leader and eventually a leader will take advantage of the power. At the start of the new global community there will be a call to be more democratic with everyone having equal say, but as time goes on there will be the need for someone to lead all of the confusion so things can get done. At this time, there will still be a few groups that have not joined the global community commission and the new leader will need to create an ultimatum for these other groups to join or they will be forced. Fearing the worst these other groups will never join and will need to be forced or completely destroyed. By the year 2043 the new global community will be established, 2/3 of the world’s population will be members of the community. The rest of the population will be made up of two larger groups and several independent communities and nomads. In the year 2050 the first leader of the global community will be elected for a 3.5-year term. Not much will get done; there will be two more leaders elected but will only last one term each. So by the year 2061, the new great leader will be elected. In his first term he will establish great prosperity and gain confidence and pride for the people of the new global community. He will be easily elected to a second term where there will be growing demand to unite the rest of the world to the community. Many people will see the great prosperity of the new global community and decide to join their ranks. Near the end of his second term the great leader will go to war with the two large remaining communities that don’t wish to be united into the new global community. The war will be what the people want; they will not want to be vulnerable to the potential of the other non-community members destroying their new stable way of life. Because the war started at the end of the second term of the great leader the people weren’t comfortable electing someone different in such a critical time. The law stated that a leader could only be elected for two terms, but they suspended that law until the war was over. There are two possible outcomes from this point on, a negative scary one and a hopeful positive one. If what is in the bible and other texts is true, then what comes next won't be so positive until it is all over. During the war the great leader of the global community will demonize the non-community members. They will be be branded as old world antiquated threats to the new progressive post modern world. Things like their religion and individuality will be seen as obstacles to the development and prosperity of the future. In the year 2063 the great leader will demand that people loyal to the new world be permanently identified and that their cultures must be assimilated into a new culture of progressive cohesion. To unite the people and simplify the work of security and economic prosperity, all global citizens will be given the mark of the community (the mark of the beast in the bible). This mark will be a small horizontal hexagonal translucent reddish solid shape that will be placed on the hand or the hairline of the center of the forehead. Inside this 3mm wide mark will be all the information a person would need. When the mark is scanned and read by a machine it will provide the individual's identity, medical history, criminal history, and access to their accounts. It can be used to gain access to secure locations or personal information, only the individual can access their ability to spend their money and view their accounts. A person's location can also be tracked through their mark but only by the authorities and through the permission of the person with the mark. This mark will help end and solve many crimes; a missing person will be able to be instantly found or a wanted person can be instantly apprehended. There will be no identify theft and no way for someone to steal someone else's money. This mark will also prevent any non-community members from infiltrating the community and causing disturbances. This mark will be powered by a person's own internal nervous system, so if someone cuts off your hand or head the mark won't work and if it is cut off it will be notified to the authorities where it will then be investigated. It will be a seemingly perfect system that will be praised by the people. To help promote unity and progress the new global community will establish new moral and ethical laws held together through a new universal religion. Old world religions will be looked down upon and deemed illegal unless they conform with ethics and progressive customs of the global community and its guidelines. To conform with the new laws and regulations the old world religions and practices will be changed and censored to make everyone more comfortable. The new regulations will be implemented in the year 2063 and forcefully mandated by 2065 when non-community members try and infiltrate global community religious groups. The law treats offenders of these regulations as molesters and brainwashers and hold it as a severe crime. Some non-community members will try and stop the new regulations and say that they are of the devil. These people will be treated as traitors and terrorists and will be put to death. The people of the global community will praise the swift and strong action against these people because they feel that they are disturbing progress and threatening their way of life. The Last Great World War 2065-2068 In May of 2065, war will be declared by the great leader and the global community after a unanimous vote in the global senate. By December of 2064 the unrest will come to a boiling point as several attempts to unite the other communities failed. The global community will offer to give the identifying mark to non-community members that would enable them to receive benefits from the global community with just a small tax from all their purchases. The 3% tax will go to free healthcare, free police assistance, and free food aid for people in need. These benefits will only be implemented if they receive the mark and by doing so swear allegiance to the global community. Up to 10% of the non-community population will take up the opportunity, receive the mark and move to global community areas. Despite the declaration of war the great leader will give non-community people until July 15, 2065 to receive the mark at designated locations around the world. July 16, 2065 the attack on all non-community members will begin. In the late afternoon of July 16, 2065, the first bombs land on the biggest non-community threat. That threat will be the new group of American States called New United American States, made up of 22 former States of the USA. The rest of the United States will have already joined the Global Community 10 years before the attack, except for Alaska, which will be made up of unorganized groups who oppose the Global Community. The NUAS (New United American States) will control large amounts of weapons from the former USA and because of that they will be the first to be targeted and the first to be destroyed. Not prepared for a quick nuclear attack the NUAS will not have time to respond and within a few hours most of their military bases weapons and cities will be gone. Only a few thousand will survive and flee to the other non-community strong hold made up of some African countries and Israel. The next step for the Global Community will be two massive simultaneous ground attacks lead by former European armies and the former Chinese military. The Europeans will attack some of the remaining Russian, Eastern European and Western Asian groups that have not joined the Global Community. The Chinese will speed through and take out some of the Western Chinese outposts and the remaining South Pacific Non-Community Island groups. After these two campaigns, in the year 2067, the two military forces will join up in the Middle East to confront the more organized group that is holding the line in Israel and North Africa. By November 2067, the Global Community will force the Non-Community military force back to the Egyptian Israeli border in the Sinai Peninsula. Like the ancient Israelites before them, they will be waiting in the desert for God to rescue them and return them to the Promised Land. During the time of the Global Community’s occupation of Israel, the New Great Leader will create a new temple in Jerusalem on the temple mount and declare it the new temple to all of the worlds religions and Gods for all to share. From the end of November to beginning of January 2068 other Global Community forces will take the rest of the African resistance and making the final survivors retreat to meet the stranded force in the Sinai Peninsula. At this time, in January 2068 the remaining Non-Community force will march north to do the final battle of Armageddon against the Global Community. Outnumbered by more than 100 to 1, the Non-Community force will be faced with a seemingly suicide mission praying for God to help them overcome. As the battle quickly winds down, and as it seems the Non-Community’s only chance to survive is to surrender, they don’t. At that moment a great wind comes down from heaven and destroys the Army of the Global Community and behind that wind is Jesus who comes down and destroys the evil Temple and cleanses the land of the people who followed the leader of the Global Community. Everyone in the world will witness this event and those who still don’t believe will be cast away. With the leadership of Jesus, he will establish a new Temple and a New Jerusalem that will be the capital of the new world ruled by Jesus.