If I take a minute to think about what this is, nothing comes to mind. So then, why is all of this something? I don't know what it is and I don't think the something knows what it is, but we both know it is. In time maybe it will grow and be able to be defined, or maybe it's lack of a definition is how it is defined. If it doesn't become more is it then less of what it is? I think it still will be something. In the sky when I look at a bird flying, I know it is a bird, I just don't always know what kind of a bird. The sun casts a shadow on its underside making it just a silhouette. From this silhouette I can try and guess what kind of bird it is by its shape and its size, but I can't ever really be sure of what it is until it flies closer and I'm able to see its color and details. Maybe if I had binoculars strong enough, I could look at the bird in flight through its silhouetted shadow some color and detail that would give me a better clue to what it is, but I don't have a binocular right now so I can't see it.