1. You are giving your job to someone who is less fortunate
  2. The people there just suck
  3. The company is unethical and you won't stand for it
  4. The commute is too long
  5. You almost don't even get paid
  6. You can get paid more doing the same thing somewhere else
  7. You aren't any good at what you do
  8. You feel that your services are not a value to the company
  9. There are very few attractive people
  10. You  aren't being sexually harassed by the hot girl
  11. The person in the cube next to you smells
  12. You sit in a cube and don't have your own office
  13. You didn't get the promotion you probably don't deserve
  14. They are "The Man", man
  15. It's just too damn cold in there, the air is on in the winter
  16. You forgot what you even do there
  17. There are no good places to eat for lunch near by
  18. The boss is a racist
  19. It's just so boring there, you just can't take it anymore
  20. People keep asking you questions that you don't know
  21. You made a mess in the bathroom and everyone knows
  22. You are just too cool for this type of job
  23. They block all your favorite websites
  24. They might be reading your emails and that's against your civil rights
  25. They are what's wrong with this country
  26. They just care about the numbers not about your idea to have a 4 day work week and 6 weeks of vacation
  27. There are so much better things to do if you didn't have a job