There is no reason to do the things that we do. I'm going to start to write random words in hope that it will turn into something interesting.  Life comes from nowhere. Do to the economic downturn the last 4 years or so, everything has turned down.  There is nothing optimistic, I think that is why some people voted for Barrack Obama.  The one thing that I was looking forward to in the near future was the end of the world in 2012.  It's 2012 now and I don't think the world is ready to end yet and for some reason it is kind of depressing.  The end of the world, even though it is the end is still something that would be pretty exciting and if you believe in some religious end, then it is only the start of something much better.  I think if it was the end, it wouldn't be the real end of everything, just the end of the way things are now.  That is something that sounds very appealing.  I think after September 11, 2001 the idea of the finally of the world seemed something more plausible, but over the last 11 years things have kind of just fizzled out.  I guess we can still hope for some random craziness to happen at anytime.