Django Unchained was all about the "N" word and this movie was all about the "F" word.   Some people just really like using words that are defined by their first letter.  The "F" word is for fantastic I think or maybe fancy pants?  Zero Dark Thirty wasn't 30 minutes like the title might suggest, so I was a little confused on that one after about 3 hours when I walked out of the movie theater.  (I don't think this paragraph makes any sense if you are a reader, but I don't care) The movie was interesting and scary and some other things.  I wonder if they still do torturing secretly, I guess they should still do it for some of these terrorists.  It seems like they weren't randomly doing this to people without important information.  This movie made me feel like our government isn't doing everything it can be doing to stop attacks on American interests. I don't know if I feel like saying more about the movie.  I will give this movie 4.0197 out of 5 fake bluish squares, it was a good movie, but I don't think it is a best picture type of movie.  It felt more like a documentary or an observers account of the situation and not so much a trip into characters.  (I don't know what I'm talking about)