2013 is already here and will be another year, here are a few things we can expect.
  1. The new Pope that will be elected in March will be viewed by many as the last Pope.
  2. Prince William and Kate will have a baby girl who will be named Victoria.  She will never be queen.
  3. China will force North Korea to end its Nuclear ambitions.
  4. There will be new conflict with Iran.
  5. A major Earthquake will hit The United States that may cause damage.
  6. The world economy will still be stagnant until the end of the year.
  7. A new invention will change the way we live our daily lives.
  8. More states will legalize Marijuana.
  9. American troops will be asked to assist in a new military campaign.
  10. The Miami Heat will win another championship.
  11. The Executive Branch of the government will be involved in a new scandal.