93918_galArgo won the oscar for best picture this year, it was good, but I don't think the best.  I am way late on reviewing this movie, but, I have a little time now and will try and say a few words about it. It felt very 70s or I guess almost 1980 or 1980 like it was supposed to, so I guess that was good.  I wonder if the fake movie that was pretending to be made if made, would be any good, and if that movie was made back then, would this movie still be named Argo?  Maybe it would have been called return to Argo or the real Argo or something like that.  Maybe that would have brought an extra push to this movie, but this movie probably wouldn't have been made if that one was.  I don't know and I shouldn't care that much about it.  If I was Iran durring the revolution, I would be like "why would you want to make a movie here now?"  that doesn't sound logical to me. I will give Argo 3.99875 out of 4.999 fake bluish squares, because it was good but not as good as it was supposed to be.  Maybe if it had no buzz or awards I would give it 4.23467 fake bluish squares. 4_5
  • Good review. Not the best movie from last year, but still very impressive with what Affleck was able to do with all on his plate.