97269_galThe Wizard of Oz is a movie that I always felt would be cool if they did  a modern CGI remake of without all the musical stuff, this movie is somewhat close to that dream, but it isn't quite there.  I know there are Wizard of OZ books out there, so maybe I'm misspeaking, but I feel like this story doesn't fully fit into the classic movie version.  Where are the ruby slippers?  Isn't the wicked witch that Dorothy kills wearing the ruby slippers that give her her power? In this movie the witch has her power from an emerald necklace, but it gets destroyed and she turns ugly, but also she should have lost her power or something too?  So how is she still a problem for when Dorothy comes with her house?  I guess it doesn't have to make sense, I don't think it is supposed to be real; it is just a dream or maybe an alternate reality. The movie though wasn't so bad, I enjoyed it and in the Imax 3-D it looked very beautiful.  This was a movie that came up a little short of goal that is pretty impossible to achieve, so because of that I should cut it some slack.  I give this movie 2.9986 out of 4.8972 fake bluish squares because 3 might be too high and 2.5 is definitely too low.  Maybe it even deserves 3.5 squares if it wasn't compared to the original Wizard of Oz. 3_5