When looking into one's self look past your self.  Walk beyond the doors that are open and step through the backdoor that has been closed forever.  It is there, that the true self lives and shares its life with the rest of everything.  On the other side of yourself there are great wonders and experiences, life is different, and what is important on this side of the front door doesn't even exist on the other side. What is the sky if it isn't there?  What are birds if they don't fly?  What are you if you aren't you; does it even matter?  Lets take a walk into the other side and outer world of yourself or myself. Green or orange, lights, milky hills and golden rivers.  Nothing, gases, something and forever open and closed.  What?  We are all just floating down a river of everything all at once.  I think we are all just different liquids that get diluted by each other and flow through a river of time.  Where does the river of time lead us?  It might lead to an eventual waterfall, sea or ocean.  Maybe there are many rivers that lead to one large sea where we all live when our time is over.  What is living in that sea?  Maybe it is where we always belonged and first started from.  Maybe we were evaporated from the sea and then were rained down on earth only to flow down into a river and head back to the sea that we started from.  Perhaps, one day or time, after we have diluted with the other liquids, we will be evaporated and then will rain down to a new world. Here, we will erode and absorb some of the new world's minerals and will eventually bring them back to the sea with us. I guess, maybe sometimes, we don't make it to the sea and end up alone in a puddle that gets sipped up by a creature.  We then would get digested through the creature and get released into another river that hopefully will join the sea one day.  I guess though, even if we don't make it to the sea down the river, eventually, we will evaporate and rain down to a place that will get us there. What are we when we are evaporated?  We are a gas that needs to condense, and when we do we condense with others once again.  We are all the same liquid that slowly changes from all the other liquid experiences. The world of liquids though shouldn't exist in this side of yourself, so maybe there is no sea or rivers or time and just nothingness that does nothing and never will. If that was true then there would be nothing here too, so forget it, it is all just whatever.